Grief and Bereavement

December 15th, 2008

At some point in every person’s lives, they will experience the loss of someone or something significant to them.  Grief is the variety of reactions and responses to a loss and that process by which one’s mind heals the hurt. Depending on the type of loss, the manner in which the loss occurred and personality factors, the grief process can be different for different people.  For some, the grief reactions can be relatively uncomplicated and they can come to terms with the loss.  However for others, the pain of bereavement can last for years and unresolved grief can lead to physical and emotional difficulties or even suicidal tendencies.

Grief often occurs in response to:

o   death of a loved one

o   breakdown of a marriage/relationship

o   miscarriage/still birth/abortion

o   loss of a job

o   loss of finances/status/possessions

o   death of a pet

Grief can be manifested in various ways:

  • Feelings
    • sadness
    • anger
    • guilt
    • anxiety
    • loneliness
    • shock and numbness
  • Thoughts of
    • disbelief
    • confusion
    • preoccupation with the loss
  • Behaviours
    • sleep disturbances
    • appetite disturbances
    • dreams of the loss
    • avoiding reminders of the loss
    • social withdrawal
  • Physical sensations
    • hollowness in stomach
    • tightness in chest/throat
    • breathlessness
    • lack of energy

Have you experienced a loss of some kind and are experiencing the above symptoms? Feeling unsure of how to “get over” your loss?  Whether in facilitating the grief process of a recent loss or in coming to terms with a loss that occurred some time ago, our team at CATS can provide you with the support to resolve the pain of bereavement.  Call 6397-2721 to make an appointment.

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