At Counselling Assessment and Therapy Services Pte Ltd (CATS), we provide counselling, assessment and therapy for children, adolescent and adults. Our expertise is in the area of mental health and our focus is on facilitating an improvement in the mental and emotional health of our clients.

The initial appointment will last approximately one hour. The psychologist will ask you about your reason(s) for seeking counseling, and will get to know you by asking about your personal history, social relationships, challenging issues that you are currently facing and expectations for counselling.

If you believe that there is still room for improvement in your personal, social, behavioural and emotional effectiveness and resilience in some areas of your life, a psychological consultation may help you work toward such improvements.  You may notice that you have certain ways of thinking and behavior that interfere with achieving better outcomes. If you feel this way you should consider making an appointment and having a chat with our psychologists.

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